Beckingham Environmental

We believe in exceeding expectations, and doing better than just regulatory compliance status quo while meeting budget goals. We’ve invested heavily in our innovative LOGIX modelling tools and have assembled a passionate team that will help your organization achieve more and improve your environmental performance. If, like us, you are seeking to do more and perform better with the same resources, drop us a line!


Set a New Standard


We are not satisfied with "cookie-cutter" results. We seek to define the optimal outcomes for each client's specific needs'

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Our Approach


We provide customized services for our clients, from project inception through completion and decommissioning.

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Logix Modelling Tools


Not only does LOGIX give your company a complete perspective on resource management, but outputs can be customized to meet your unique situation and corporate goals... (Read more)



Our LOGIX modelling tools are unique among a field of standard consulting analytics. LOGIX adapts to the focus and scope of our client's needs while also offering a cost-effective alternative to aggressive field sampling routines. In addition our consulting services provide a solid interpretive backbone to LOGIX's model outputs'.


As a smaller company, our unique services rely on the skills, expertise and flexibility of our staff. We have built our team with innovators, collaborators, and adaptable workers with a rich ansd varied backgrounds. If you are interested in doing more with your skills, and would like to provide value-added service to our clients, please talk to us about joining Beckingham.